Weather The Storm

So many times in our lives we go through storms.  Relationship problems, financial problems, career problems, etc., are some of the storms that we go through.  Sometimes they ruin your day, other times they are devastating with no end in sight.  They seem to last forever and at times we become hopeless thinking that it will never end. But it does.  The storms pass and the weather clears.  If we just keep fighting to weather the storm, clear skies will follow.  The sun will shine once again.

“In life, you’re either going towards a storm, in a storm or coming out of storm.  That’s just life.” —Dr. Eric Thomas

Life is not perfect.  Life is not fair.  Life is difficult. There is not denying that.  But life is also rewarding and it’s those rewarding times that make it all worth while.  Understand that you will go through a storm in your life if you haven’t.  Also understand you will go through another storm after that and another after that.  If there are no storms in your life then you are not living.  The storms of your life may seem like a curse to you, but they can be great.  They can be great because if you weather the storm, they can forge into a person that once seemed impossible to become.  In the same manner that a broken bone grows back even stronger than before. Do not become a victim to the storms of your life.  Use them to your advantage.

“Learn to appreciate the occasional storms that come into your life.” —Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis talks about turning his greatest pain into his greatest glory.  The pain in his life, the storms that he went through, made him the successful man that he is.  There are thousands of stories similar to his.  These people weathered their life storms to become better than they were before the storms.

I love movies and my favorite movie is Forrest Gump.  So, every time I hear the saying weather the storm, I think of Forrest Gump.  Why? Because he became a shrimping boat captain.  When he first started, he couldn’t catch a thing.  He kept trying though.  Then, a storm hit.  An actual storm.  Somehow, he weathered the storm and his shrimping boat was in one piece after it passed.  Every other boat on the other hand, didn’t fare so well.  Almost every shrimping boat in the area was destroyed and well, as Forrest Gump said, “after that, shrimpin’ was easy.”

He went on to catch so much shrimp, that it made him a millionaire.  Of course, this is a movie, but that doesn’t mean that stories like this aren’t out there.  Weather the storm and reap the rewards.  The rewards can come in different packages.  Anything from monetary to lessons learned.  Keep your head up, push through and weather the storm.

Bottom Line

Weather the storm and reap the rewards.





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