New Year’s Day: Just another day on the calendar

New Year's Day 2019

As we enter New Year’s Eve, I find myself thinking about all the resolutions that will be made and all the resolutions that will be broken.

Nearly all resolutions that are made on New Year’s Day are broken before January ends.

According to US News, 80 percent of resolutions made in the new year will fail.

The reality of New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are crap.

Yes I said it.  It may rain on some parades, but it’s time to wake up and see the truth.

People make a New Year’s resolution without really putting any thought into it thinking that it will magically happen because the numbers on the calendar changed.

Most resolutions are usually vague with no real belief behind them when they’re conceived.

“Most resolutions are usually vague with no real belief behind them when they’re conceived.”

Things like losing weight, not drinking, sticking to a diet, and getting out of debt, are the usual suspects when people think of a new year resolution.

They’re made and broken in record time.

Did you know that big time commercial gyms like Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness have memberships skyrocket in January? It’s because of the new year and all the resolutions that have been made to change.

You’ll notice in the first two weeks of January that every gym never has enough parking because everyone is still working on their resolution. Gym on February 1st of the new year

Revisit those same gyms in February and chances are pretty damn good that you won’t have a problem finding a parking spot.

A new year’s resolution is nothing more than an idea that you should have acted on well before you decided to make it a resolution.

Every new year resolution is nothing more than an excuse.  It’s a free pass for procrastination.

“Every new year resolution is nothing more than an excuse.  It’s a free pass for procrastination.”

Instead of implementing the change immediately, in the now, you decided to leave it to “someday”.

Someday I’ll lose weight, someday I’ll get rich, someday I’ll become better, or someday I’ll make it work.

That is the wrong mindset to have.  Someday will never arrive because something will always hold you up.  Unless you get after it now.  Don’t let your resolution depend on the flip of a calendar.

Work on it now.

The new year, January first of whatever year it is, does not make a new you.

It does not mean you get to start over.

Life is continuous and if you waited until January 1st to make a change then you will be in the same position on January 1st, 2019 that you were in January 1st of 2018.

You’re still going to wake up in the same bed, go to the same job, making the same money.

But if you made a resolution two or three months before the new year and acted on it then, imagine where you could be.  Maybe in line for a promotion, a pay raise, a new business, smaller debt, healthier, fitter, happier, a better bed, etc.

What really makes you stick to a resolution

The new you and the chance to start over only begins when you make the decision to do so and act on that decision.

“The new you and the chance to start over only begins when you make the decision to do so and act on that decision.”

Not when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

When you’re finally fed up of being the way you are or are in a position in life that you don’t like, that’s when you make a decision and take action.

Your decision to act and taking that first step to change yourself and your situation mark a new beginning.

It’s not marked by a holiday or a calendar.

Don’t let an external factor like a day on the calendar make your decisions.

Guess what?

That decision you made, that doesn’t happen because it’s a new year.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 2019, 2020, January 1st or July 1st.

The calendar does not make a difference.

You do not have to wait for a new year to change yourself into the person you want to be.

Why resolutions are broken

The reason that most resolutions are broken before January ends is for the simple fact that they are not backed by a strong enough “why”.  Some are not backed with “why” at all.

The new year is not a strong enough “why” to stay true to your resolution.  Hell, it’s not a “why” to begin with.

What is your “why”?

What is your why?

Do you want to lose weight in 2019? Why?

Is it because you want to look skinnier or is it because you realized that if you continue to pack on the pounds, you won’t live long enough to see your children grow?

Do you want to quit drinking in 2019?  Why?

Is it because you’re wasting too much money on booze or is it because you’ve had a few close calls and are on the brink of losing your family, friends and everyone you care about?

Now, you tell me which “why” is going to keep a person true to their resolution.

Find your “why” and make your resolution now, regardless of the date.

Start busting your ass to stick to your resolution.

Burn this into your brain, the date doesn’t matter whatsoever.  The year doesn’t matter, the day of the week doesn’t matter, and the time doesn’t matter.

Your decision and immediate action are all that truly matter.

Make your resolution and act on your resolution every single day.  From the moment you wake to moment you sleep.  Take it into your dreams too!

Make your resolution and strengthen it every day with your “why” in mind and I guarantee that you will be successful in seeing your resolution through.

Bottom line

Don’t make a new years resolution, make daily resolutions.

Make a resolution in the now.  The moment that you realize you want change.

Make real changes in your life at the moment you know that you need to make them.

There is no reason to wait.

Why procrastinate on becoming a better version of yourself or to put yourself in a better position in life?

If you are waiting for a new year, then I can tell you that you don’t really want to change.

Remember, you don’t change because the year changes.

You change because you made the decision and acted on that decision.  Your actions will compound and they will build something great.  You may not see the results immediately, but this is nothing to be discouraged about.

“You change because you made the decision and acted on that decision.”

Continue with daily action on your resolution, one year from now when everyone is making their new years resolution, you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Your decision and immediate action will have made it so.



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