New Year, New You?

As we enter New Years Eve, I find myself thinking about all the resolutions that will be made and all the resolutions that will be broken.  Nearly all resolutions that are made on New Years Day are broken before January ends.

In my opinion, New Year’s resolutions are crap.

A New Year’s resolution is nothing more than an idea that you should have acted on the minute you thought of it.  But you decided to leave it to someday or in this case, next year.

The new year does not make a new you.  It does not mean you get to start over.

The new you and the chance to start over only begins when you make the decision to do so and act on that decision, not when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.  When you’re finally fed up of being the way you are or your situation being the way that it is.  Your decision to act and taking that first step to change yourself and your situation marks a new beginning.

Guess what, that doesn’t happen because it’s a new year.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 2018, 2019, January 1st or December 31st.  The calendar does not make a difference.

The reason that almost all resolutions are broken before January ends is because there is not a strong enough why behind that resolution.  A new year is not a strong enough why to stay true to your resolution.  Hell, it’s not even a why to begin with.

Do you want to lose weight in 2018? Why? Is it because you want to look skinnier or is it because you just found out if you continue to pack on the pounds, you won’t live long enough to see your children graduate high school?

Do you want to quit drinking in 2018?  Why? Is it because you’re wasting too much money on booze or is it because you’ve had a few close calls and are on the brink of losing your family?

Now, you tell me which why is going to keep a person true to their New Year’s resolution.

The date doesn’t matter.  The year doesn’t matter.  The day of the week doesn’t matter.  Your decision and action are what truly matters.  Make your resolution every day.  Make your resolution every day with your why in mind and I guarantee that you will be successful in seeing your resolution through.

Don’t make a New Years resolution, make daily resolutions.

Remember, you don’t change because the year changes.  You change because you made the decision and acted immediately.



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