It’s Not That Simple

“It’s not that simple. No, that’s the biggest lie I was ever told. ‘It’s not that simple.’ It’s a lie they tell you repeatedly. It’s how they get you to give up. They say it’s not that simple Vinny. (The truth) That it is. That if you just do the thing that they tell you you can’t, then it’s done. And you realize it is that simple. That it always was.” —Vinny Pazienza

We are paralyzed by overthinking, plagued by indecisiveness and fear judgement and the unknown.  Overthinking answers, situations and reactions to the point where there is not action at all.  No decision is made because of overthinking, create scenarios and situations that may never happen and increase our fear that something will go wrong.  So, we default to the standard answer of “it’s not that simple.”  This happens for huge moments that can change our lives and it also happens in the mundane everyday life moments.  Like Vinny Pazienza said, it’s nothing but a lie. It’s a lie to get people to quit and in some cases, not even begin.

The Lie

The line “it’s not that simple” is a lie that is said when people believe that something is either impossible or too difficult.  Vinny Pazienza was a professional boxer who broke his neck in a car accident.  The doctors told him that he would never fight again.  How can you return from a broken neck to a sport where you are constantly being hit in the head? Well, Vinny was not one to accept that as an answer.

So, after leaving the hospital wearing a halo to keep his neck in place, he went back to the gym and began working out again, against doctor’s orders.  He took the steps necessary to get back to boxing.  Not only did he return to the ring, he was extremely successful.  He had a lengthy career the lasted over 20 years and won multiple title belts.

History is littered with stories just like this.  Hell, just take a look at our own American history.  It was another story of David vs. Goliath.  Yet, here we are today. The United States of America wanted freedom so, they fought for it.  It was simple.  Fight for freedom.  The price was heavy, but it was paid for what was wanted.

The Truth

As Vinny Pazienza did, we need to realize the truth that it really is that simple.    Not easy, but simple.  Vinny demonstrated this at an extreme level.  He did what was necessary to get back to the sport he loved.  We can do the same thing for whatever it is we want to do.  For whatever it is we want to accomplish.  It’s simple.

“It’s simple. But it’s not easy” —Mel Robbins

Think about it, if you want to do good on an exam, you study for it.  Simple.  If you want to have six pack abs, you follow a nutrition and exercise plan that will do just that.  Simple.  You want to write a book, you start writing.  Simple.  It applies to everything.

The action, the execution, the difficulty of it is what holds people up.  It’s not that it’s complicated, it’s just hard.  It’s easy to eat fast food every day because it’s convenient.  It’s easy to sit on the couch and watch television instead of exercising or writing the 500 words you need to write.  It’s easy to blame everyone else except yourself instead of taking ownership, learning from your mistakes and making yourself better.  That stuff is easy.

It’s hard studying after everyone goes to bed night after night to pass or ace the exam.  It’s hard spending hours at the gym and preparing meals needed to sculpt your body the way you want it.  It’s hard to spend morning after morning, night after night trying to write a book.  That stuff is hard.  But, it is all simple.  The question is how much are you willing to push through the pain, the difficulty, and the tough times to get what you want and go where you want to go?  That is where the truth is.

Bottom Line

Realize that it is that simple.  It may be difficult, but it is simple.  Take the steps necessary to get what you want and go where you want.




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