Hack Your Commute for Personal Development

hack you commute for personal development

Our morning commute is like Groundhog Day.

It consists of the same repetitive annoyances.

Traffic jams, bumper to bumper lines, construction detours, overcrowded buses, trains and subways.  All of which can become overwhelming, frustrating and stressful. 

Most despise this part of their day because of the factors above and can make a commute last hours. 

“What if you could hack your commute? Hack it to make it productive and possibly enjoyable.”

What if you could hack your commute? Hack it to make it productive and possibly enjoyable.  What if you made it an  opportunity to begin working on yourself, a side hustle or anything that is important to you?

You can and this is how. 

Always carry a set of earbuds on your commute

always carry earbuds

Always carry a set of earbuds or headphones. 

No matter where you go, have them with you.

Whenever you have downtime throughout the day, you can put these in and go to work.

You’re morning commute is usually the best time, especially if you use public transportation. 

You can also take advantage of a break at work, lunch time, or even doing tasks at work that do not require much focus. 

Just as a heads up, don’t do this if your place of employment restricts the use of earbuds or headphones. 

They also help because people usually don’t want to be distracted by whatever it is you’re listening to. 

Earbuds can and will become your best friend during your commute if you take advantage of this hack.   

What to listen to during your commute

As the late Zig Ziglar put it, turn your car into “automobile university”. 

In our case, turn your commute into commute university. 

There are so many things you can learn and improve on simply by taking advantage of your commute. 

Learn more on history, strengthen a relationship, a second, third, or fourth language, effective communication, and on and on. 

According to NPR, the average commute is now 26 minutes.  

Imagine what you could squeeze in with 26 extra minutes.  That’s assuming you’re commute is that short.  There was a time where my commute to and from work was over two hours a day.  

Here are the 4 things you should listen to during your commute:

1. Listen to audiobooks

If you don’t listen to audio books or podcasts, now is the perfect time to start.  

There are many platforms you can use to listen to audiobooks, but my favorite is Audible.  The amount of books and information you can consume through audiobooks is insane.  

Many will argue that it’s not really reading because you’re listening to it.  

I’ll be the first to call BS on that.  

What is the basic purpose of a book?  To convey information or stories to it’s reader.  When you listen to an audiobook, you’re still taking in the information and/or the story. 

Another great thing about audiobooks is that you can take advantage of them even when you’re not commuting.  Chores at home have become much more enjoyable ever since I discovered audiobooks. 

2. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are another great resource for information and personal development.  

There are tons of podcasts on just about every subject you can think of.  

Do you want to learn to become a real estate investor?  There is a podcast for that. 

Do you want to learn how to start blog?  There is a podcast on that.

Do you want to learn how to make money from a side hustle?  There is a podcast from that too.  

As I said, there is a podcast for just about anything you can think of.  The best ones are the ones that you can take away good information that will help you improve.  

Here are a list of some of my favorite podcast not an any specific order:

The Joe Rogan Experience – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Experience

The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferriss

The Tim Ferriss Show

The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

The school of greatness podcast

Shrugged Collective – Originally Barbell Shrugged

shrugged collective

The Smart Passive Income Podcast – Pat Flynn

smart passive income

The Side Hustle Nation Show – Nick Loper

side hustle nation

Podcasts are just like books, but with a lot more flavor.  Great for learning and improving.  

Like audiobooks, there are many platforms you can use to listen to podcasts.  Personally, I use ITunes and Pandora to listen them.  

3. Listen to anything educational

If you’ve gone through your audiobooks and every episode of your podcast (highly unlikely) or just want to take a break from them then listen to something educational.  

Learning a second language is something educational.  Guess what?  There are podcasts and audiobooks for that too.  

There is always Rosetta Stone.  I’ve never used it, but I do use Duolingo and I love that app.  They have a podcast to pair with the app that is awesome. 

4. Listen to anything motivational

This is something that I really love!  

I am a sucker for motivation!  Motivational quotes, motivational videos and especially motivational speakers.  All of it hits home with me and does exactly what they are meant to do.  They motivate me!

YouTube has tons of motivational videos that you can use during your commute.  Even if all you do is listen to it, you will get motivated.  

When I listen to these motivational speakers and motivational videos, the ideas start to flow and eventually turn into a waterfall.  I love it. 

They may do the same to you.  

Some of my favorite YouTube channels for motivation are:

Tom Bilyeu

Eric Thomas 

Be Inspired

There are great motivational speaker to listen to as well.  The first motivational speaker I listened to was Jim Rohn.  My favorite of all time.  I wish that he was still around so I could have a coffee with him.  

After listening to Jim Rohn, I went down the rabbit hole of motivational speakers and I couldn’t get enough.  

Here’s a list of some of the best motivational speakers:

Jim Rohn

Eric Thomas

Les Brown

Tony Robbins

Inky Johnson

Tom Bilyeu

Zig Ziglar

Bryan Tracy

Mel Robbins

You are in for a treat when you listen to these individuals

Never have an unproductive commute again

Every time I hop in my car, I have an audiobook or a podcast ready to go. 

Usually I’m listening to them when I drive, clean the house, mow the lawn, do laundry, walk the dog, cook, clean, etc. 

Taking advantage of my time as much as I can, I listen to them when I’m out and about on my own. 

Sometimes, I even listen to books or podcasts during some of my workouts. 

It was a little strange the first few times I did it after years of jamming out to rock and hip hop whenever I hit the gym. 

“These days I prefer to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, motivational speakers, etc., rather than music.”

However, I saw the value in taking that time to listen to something other than music and became comfortable with it. These days I prefer to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, motivational speakers, etc., rather than music.  That is something I never could have imagined just a few short years ago. 

Motivational talks and The Side Hustle Nation Show got me through my first ever marathon.  

Unless I’m actively engaging with someone, I have those earbuds in and listening to a book, podcast, something educational or motivational in an effort to improve myself. 

The last thing you want to do is put those earbuds in when your wife starts talking to you. 

Or maybe you do but trust me, it won’t be a good move for you. 

Those last two sentences were a joke of course. 

In all seriousness though, earbuds and personal development are important, but don’t become a jerk about it.

Don’t lose the music

At this point, some may be thinking I’m out of my mind thinking there is no way I’m giving up music.  

The beautiful thing is you don’t have to and you shouldn’t. 

Don’t go out and boycott music or think that is the point that I am trying to make.

Please don’t do that. 

Music is beautiful and it is a part of who I am. 

However, it won’t hurt to cut back on some of the music.  In the same way you should limit TV when you want to become much more productive, you can do the same with music during your commute. 

Throughout the week I still listen to some music. 

Sometimes when I’m working out and sometimes in the car when I need to unwind. 

So, don’t give up the music.   

Bottom line

Your commute is time that you should be taking advantage of and not dreading. 

As I mentioned before, turn that part of your day into something you look forward too. 

You’ll be amazed at the improvements you will personally make and how fast you are making them.  It is a complete game changer and there’s a chance you’ll get hooked as quickly as I did which is great. 



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