Forget Perfection

This may be a surprise or maybe not, but perfect is not always a positive.  At times, we get hung up on things being perfect and as a result, nothing happens. If something does happen, it could be too late.

You shouldn’t wait until something is perfect or the situation is perfect to say or do the thing it is you want to say or do.  Like Nike has been saying for years, “Just Do It”.

When you want to start something, there is never going to be a perfect time.  Just start.  What happens when you start? You progress.  Progress.  This is where your focus should be.

It’s about progression not perfection.

If everyone were to wait for everything to line up and be perfect, nothing would get accomplished.  So, focus on progression.

Don’t get me wrong, set the goal high and strive for perfection, but focus on progress.

When you progress, the motivation is plentiful.  Progression makes you feel better about yourself and as Tony Robbins said, “the key to happiness is progress”.

Whether its in your work, in the gym, in a relationship, progress in anything just feels great.  We all know the stress of waiting for perfection.  Start and work towards perfection and enjoy the rush of progress.  No matter how small, progress always feels good.

Progress not perfection.






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