Everything Takes Work

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” —Thomas A. Edison

New Year’s resolutions. Everyone makes them every single year on January 1 thinking that a calendar will change it all, yet nearly all of them are dropped within the first month.  Big ideas that can be great never come to fruition are a tragedy in this world.  Marriages and relationships end every single day and it seems as if the divorce rate is only getting higher and higher.  People that were once fit and healthy individuals suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and that number is on the rise as well.

All these are highlighted to say that most are failing in this area because they require work.  The majority want the shortcut, the magic pill, the easy way, instant gratification, but there isn’t a shortcut or a magic pill.  There is only work.  As Maya Angelou said,

“nothing will work unless you do.”

So, the minute that people realize that their New Year’s resolution is going to take more work than they thought or any work at all, they drop it.  The truth of this world is that for something to work, you must work at it.

What is Work?

Work is defined as “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.” The amount of work that you put into a project, career or relationship will determine the result.  But, you must put in the work to attain the desired result.  No work equals not results.

No Substitution

No matter how much you want it to be true, you can’t get away from the work.  There is no shortcut and there sure as hell are no magic pills that will get you the results that require work.  People see successful people these days and think how easy they have it and how lucky they are.  Honestly, I used to think that way too.  If you think that, then you are diminishing the amount of work that these successful people put into their craft and area of expertise.  We weren’t there for the sleepless nights, the horrible commutes, the scraping up of loose change, or some of the unthinkable things that they had to overcome. All people see is the glamour.

When Barry Bonds broke the homerun record, everybody went crazy.  I went crazy and I’m not a fan of Baseball.  But, it was such an amazing achievement that you couldn’t help but get excited about it.  Well, not long after he broke the record he was busted for using PEDs or steroids.  So, what happened after that?  Everyone talked about how he didn’t deserve the record because of steroids and that it was the only reason he was ever any good.

I call BS!

If you think that taking steroids is going to make you a record setting baseball player, you are sorely mistaken.  Barry Bonds still had to work his ass off to get into position to break that record.  Think about all the batting practice he racked up over the years to hit a ball that’s about 2 inches in diameter going 90 to 100 mph.  Hell, most people would be lucky to even make contact with the ball.  Not Barry.  He worked and worked and worked to get extremely great at hitting that baseball.  PED’s didn’t do that.  Barry’s work did.

To this day his record still stands.  You think that the MLB’s drug testing system is so perfect that no one else is on PEDs?  Doubtful and yet, Barry still holds the record.  THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTION FOR WORK.

You Get What You Work For

It was mentioned earlier that your work determines your results.  So, you get what you work for.  You’re not going to get paid for not working.  You can’t just sit at home and earn money.  Any person that can sit at home and have money pouring, did the work well before they had the option.

In the same way that you won’t get paid if you don’t work, you can’t expect to have a successful relationship if you don’t work at it.  If you sit on the couch all, play video games, hang out with your buds and go fishing all the time, don’t expect a great relationship.  Want a great relationship with your kids, then put in the work to have a great relationship.

I can’t tell you how to raise your children, love your spouse, or do your job, but what I can tell you is that if you want success in any of those areas then you must work.  Work to be a good husband or wife, work to be a good father or mother, work to be good at your career.

Bottom Line

Everything you want to be successful at takes work.  Health, relationships, career, etc., it all takes work.  The amount of work you put in will determine the results you get and how successful you are.

Put in work!




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