Change Perspective: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

 “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” —Sir Isaac Newton

Change your perspective by standing on the shoulders of giants.  At your level, you may see nothing more than a wall in front of you and at every turn, but when you stand on the shoulder of a giant, you become witness to a vast new world.  Your perspective can become forever changed with the vision of opportunities that were non-existent before.

Through our lives, in some form or fashion, one way or another we are helped by those around us.  This is what Sir Isaac Newton meant when he said that he saw further only by standing on the shoulders of giants.  We don’t get to where we are alone even though at times, that is exactly how it feels.  At some point, we received help from someone or somewhere.  Take a moment to reflect upon your life and you are sure to find the giants who placed you on their shoulders.

Perspective Matters More Than You May Think

I once heard a story about two young brothers that were being raised by a single father.  Their father was trying to do the best that he could to raise his sons, but his financial situation was getting worse with each passing day.  Then, one day having become overwhelmed, he felt there were no options left and in a moment of desperation, he decided to rob a convenient store for money.  He believed that he could get the money he needed this way to support himself and his young boys.

Unfortunately, during the robbery, a shot was fired, and an innocent bystander was killed.  Shortly thereafter, the police arrested this father for his crimes.  He was tried, sentenced and put away for a very long time.  His two sons were left without a father and grew up going from one foster home to another.

As they became adults, one brother turned to a life a crime and ended up in the prison that his father was sent to.  He was asked how his life turned out the way it did.  His response was, “How could it not? Take a look at my father.” From his perspective, he believed that he would end up like his father not matter what he did.

His brother, who went through a lot of the same struggles growing up, became a success.  He was living in an affluent neighborhood with his wife and children.  He too was asked, how did his life turn out the way that it did? His response was, “How could it not? Take a look at my father.”  From his perspective, he believed that by experiencing the things his father did, it gave him the direction needed to travel the path that he is on now.

This story reveals the power of perspective. One brother’s perspective of their father was one of a wall.  The others perspective of their father was that of a giant.  Change your perspective.  Find the giants in your life.  They can be parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, mentors and anyone else that you can think of.  Stand on their shoulders and change your perspective.

Be a Giant

It’s not enough to change your perspective.  What will you produce? What will be your contribution to your community, your city, your country, this world? Who will you help? Become the giant for others like those before you.  Believe it or not, someone sees you as a giant.  If you’re a parent, you are a giant.

Walter Bond says to always pick up your child.  When you walk through that door and see your child, pick them up.  As they grow, and you can no longer pick them up physically, pick them up emotionally.  Pick them up mentally.  Pick them up spiritually.  No matter what, PICK THEM UP!  Pick them up and change their perspective.  When you pick them up, they see the world from a whole new perspective.  The see the world from your perspective with the support and safety of you.  Put them on your shoulders and imagine the perspective they will have of the world then.

Bottom Line

Perspective is important.  Change your perspective by finding those that will help you change it in a positive way.  When you change your perspective, help others with theirs.  Stand on the shoulders of giants.  Become a giant and let others stand on your shoulders.




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