When you lose yourself, when things become too complicated, you need to back off and regroup.  Don’t be afraid to step back, take a look, scrap a draft and start again.  Don’t be afraid to get back to the basics. Sometimes that’s all you need to get you moving and flowing again. Fitness is my […]


It’s easy to blame someone and anyone else for your failures. To say that you’re not successful because of someone else or you’re not in a position in life that you would like to be in because of someone else is wrong.  There should be no expectation for someone else to get you where you […]

So many times in our lives we go through storms.  Relationship problems, financial problems, career problems, etc., are some of the storms that we go through.  Sometimes they ruin your day, other times they are devastating with no end in sight.  They seem to last forever and at times we become hopeless thinking that it […]