Forget About Perfection and Focus on Progress

This may be a surprise or maybe not, but perfect is not always positive.  At times, we get hung up on things being perfect and as a result, nothing happens. By the time that something does happen, it could be too late.

You shouldn’t wait until something is perfect or the situation is perfect to act.  Perfection is nothing more than a hindrance on progression.  Continue to wait for protection and you will be waiting forever.

Nike built their empire off the saying “just do it.”  They figured out early on what many fail to realize.  That is to move on even if the situation or the product is not perfect because it’s important to take action.  Launch the shoe, pitch a product, go for that run, whatever it is, “just do it.”

Nike placed it in the minds of their customers to lace up their shoes and head out the door.  They were telling everyone to quit waiting for the perfect conditions.  Don’t wait until you’re motivated, don’t wait until the rain clears, “just do it.”  Get out there and work.

It’s about progress, not perfection

When you want to start something, there is never going to be a perfect time.  The key is to just start.  Start with whatever you have and wherever you are at.  But it is imperative that you start.

What happens when you start?

Progress is what happens.  As you get going, you begin to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.  You fix what you can and keep moving forward.  That is progress.  You’re not waiting for perfection but you are chasing it.  This is where your focus should be.

It’s about progress, not perfection.  Set the goal high and strive for perfection.  There is nothing wrong with trying to make something perfect unless you let it hold up progress.  Don’t wait because it’s not the perfect time or the product isn’t perfect.  That is nothing more than an excuse.  Take action and improve as you go.

The benefits of progress

Progress is happiness

The great Tony Robbins once said that “the key to happiness is progress.”  Progress is a reward for your work.  When you feel it and when you see it, you get a feeling of fulfillment.  You get that feeling because you put in work for something, take the action necessary and you are rewarded for it.  Much in the same way we feel when we get paid for our work.

Progress is motivation

Once you feel progress you want more.  You want more so you start taking more action and start working harder.  It motivates you to get better because you realize that all that time and effort that you’re putting in pays off.

Progress is feedback

Progress is also feedback for the action that you have taken.  it lets you know where you stand.  In the gym, if you’re stuck squating 315 for a few months, then you know there is something that isn’t right in your training plan because your progress has plateaued.  Something has to change.  More reps, heavier weight, more rest, something needs to happen.

Bottom line

Whether its in your work, in the gym, or in a relationship, progress in anything just feels great.  Waiting around for perfection is a recipe for disaster.  Start immediately and strive for perfection, but don’t be held up by it.

Enjoy the progress that you make because any progress is worth acknowledging and celebrating.  No matter how small, progress will always feel good.  Always remember that it’s about progress not perfection.


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6 Ways to Show Up and Get Ahead

If you want to show up, then get up.  Get up, get your shoes on, and get moving.  Do it like it were basic training.  

How easy it is to roll over and smash the snooze button when your alarm goes off. 

Sure, it’s easy to stay in bed for a few more precious minutes under your warm cozy covers.  It’s easy, but the worst thing to do first thing in the morning is go back into bed. 

“It’s easy, but the worst thing to do first thing in the morning is go back into bed.” 

You’re losing every time you hit the snooze and lay back down.

You can’t always go along with what feels good at the moment.  Kick in the self-discipline and go with what is right. Go with what is going to make you better and give you a better life. 

You know what that is because you will be uncomfortable.  Being uncomfortable is where you grow. 

Get out of your bed, break that damn alarm clock, win your morning, and show up to be the hero of your story!

The easy part

Anything done with motivation can be easy.

It’s easy to show up and accomplish things when you’re feeling motivated and full of energy.  Anyone can do that. 

Ask yourself this, how many of those days do you have? 

It’s not every day, that’s for damn sure.  If you count them, you’ll be surprised how very few there are.New Years

There would be a lot more successful people in this world if they were constantly motivated.  Even if they had more days of motivation than not.

Unfortunately, that is never the case for anyone.   

Working, progressing, improving only when you are motivated is not progress that will last.  Motivation is purely momentary and when that moment passes, it’s gone. 

What then? 

Usually, we fall back into the trap of going through the motions in life.  The progress made during the moment of motivation is lost.

The hard part

It’s the days that you don’t have the energy that truly matter.  The days where there isn’t an ounce of motivation in your body, but you get to work anyway. 

When you don’t feel like waking up early, going to the gym, working on your project, studying for your test, and getting better.  It’s those days that it becomes absolutely imperative that you fight that feeling of comfort and do it. 

That’s when you must show up.

Most days, all it takes is to show up.

Showing up is the first step and it’s the hardest step to take.

Show up and make it a habit

You don’t feel like working out? Great!  Show up to the gym anyway.

Chances are you’re going to work out if you do.  It doesn’t matter if it was a bad workout or a great workout.  What matters is that you showed up, you put in work. 

You strengthen the habit of showing up.  Show up consistently.

“Show up consistently.”

Showing up is the start of gaining momentum and building it in your favor my friend.

When you don’t feel like writing, you better plant your ass in front of that computer screen or notebook anyway.  Start with a few words, grind into it and before you know it, you’ve written 250 words. 

Then you’ve written 500 words.

WritingYou could possibly snap out of your stupor to find 1000 words on what was once a blank page. And it started with showing up.

It doesn’t matter how many words you write.  Once again, what matters is that you showed up in front of that screen, in front of that paper and wrote. 

Imagine you did that for a year straight writing at least 250 words.  At the end of the year, you will have written a book.   A good sized book at that.

Forgo instant gratification. 

Get out of your comfy bed, get off the lazy boy, get away from the water cooler and just show up. 

Like the one and only Joe Rogan said, “90% of success is just showing up. You’re not going to feel perfect every day.  Get there and start working.”


“90% of success is just showing up. You’re not going to feel perfect everyday.  Get there and start working.” —Joe Rogan

Make it easier to show up in 6 ways

It’s difficult enough to show up when there is no motivation. 

Make it easier on yourself to show up.  Encourage yourself by setting up you’re environment up for success. 

1. Stage your items

Prepare your items

It’s a lot easier to get something done when whatever you’re going to use is ready and easily accessible. 

If you’re going to work out in the morning, have your clothes and shoes ready to go. 

Planning on eating more fruit then have it out where it’s visible and easy to get to. 

If you want to read more, make your books easily accessible. 

Make it easy to see the things you’re going to use to make yourself better.  Easy to access and always in view. 

2. Eliminate distractions

Do not disturb

The biggest distraction of them all is our phones.  It has become a habit to most to check our phones every few minutes or open up one of the apps for no apparent reason. 

Eliminate this distraction by disabling notifications, turning the phone off or setting it to do not disturb. 

Schedule time to not be disturbed. 

Remove the television from your room. 

Do what you must to eliminate any distractions from what you’re trying to accomplish.

3. Designate areas and time

Home office

Designate areas of your place for specific functions. 

Such as where you will read, where you will work out, where you will write, where you will sleep and so on. 

Designate a specific time for each function as well.  Keeping a schedule that you can stick to will make miracles happen. 

Do this so you know that at a certain time that is for business, pleasure, or relaxing.

4. Accountability

accountability partner

Get an accountability partner to keep you in check whenever you even have a thought about not to show. 

You can also post it on social media and let everyone else hold you accountable. 

Be warned, you will not always receive the type of accountability you’re looking for.  Although it can be effective, having an accountability partner would be ideal.  

Either way, should you go the social media route, do not let the negativity you may encounter derail you. 

5. Write it down

write it down

Write it down and make it visible. 

Get a calendar and cross out the days you show up.  This has a mental benefit and acts as a motivator as well. 

It doesn’t have to be a calendar. 

Use a journal, a notebook, notecards, sticky notes, a napkin, anything will work as long as you write it down and make it visible for you to see every day.

6. Celebrate and don’t settle


Celebrate each day that you show up because each day that you do is a win for you.

You don’t have to throw an extravagant party or anything like that.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Some good words and good thoughts are celebrations and they can go a long way too. 

Reinforce the habit of showing up with celebrating each win. 

Do not settle though. 

When you go through a week of showing up, don’t tell yourself that that was good enough and quit. 

Keep going and make it habit deeply ingrained into you. 

Bottom Line

Show up every single time.  Do it without exception.  Show up on the days that you don’t feel like showing up.  Make it easier for yourself to show up.  Remember, that is when it is most important that you do.

That’s how you become successful.  If you want to be fit, that is how you get fit.  It’s how you become a writer and it’s how you become a great parent and a great spouse.

To put it bluntly, that is how you become a bad ass.


4 Steps That Will Get Rid of Your Life’s Crutches

We all have crutches or had crutches at one time in our lives.

Not literal crutches but metaphor crutches.  Basically, the excuses we tell ourselves to justify why we didn’t, can’t, or shouldn’t.

I’m a husband, a father of four and an active duty Air Force NCO.

Life is busy and it gets hectic on a daily basis.  At times, it feels like I’m a lot busier at home than when I’m at work.

Once I leave work, the fight against traffic begins as I go get the kids at three different locations.

When we get home we start on homework then dinner, then time to get ready for the following day.  Somewhere in there, we manage to squeeze a workout in.  It gets even crazier when after-school activities and other school functions get thrown into the mix.

It’s not easy, but my wife and I somehow make it happen.

My crutches

In the past, I would use this craziness as an excuse to not do anything.

For a long time, I used my family as crutches to justify to myself that they were the reason that I wasn’t able to do anything.

Basically, I was putting the blame on them for my shortcomings and not taking any of the responsibility. That wasn’t fair to me and it especially wasn’t fair to my family.

However, I was doing it and I’m ashamed of that.

Everything was put on hold and I wouldn’t work out, read, have a guys night or any of the things I used to do that would make me a better me.

Convinced I didn’t have time because of family responsibilities, I would tell friends that I couldn’t hang out because I was too busy.  That was the furthest thing from the truth.

Honestly, I was only being lazy.

That’s the best way it can be described and not wanting to admit it to myself, I used my family as a scapegoat.

As a result, I was going crazy.

Not literally, but I wasn’t headed in a good direction.

Depression hit me, out of shape became my norm and I would get easily frustrated.

The change seemed to happen quickly from fit and productive dad to out of shape, full on dad bod with an irritable attitude.

Not to mention unproductive and going through the motions which included work, marriage, and every aspect of life really.

Something had to give.

Change needed to happen immediately if I wanted a better and happy life.

Change is exactly what I did.

The same responsibilities as a husband, father and work are still there.  Those will never go away nor do I want them to ever.

And like everyone else, I still have the same 24 hours in a day.

What changed?

Letting go of my crutches

For starters, I made the decision to stop using my family as a crutch.

They are not responsible for my self-sabotage.

It’s utterly amazing to think back about putting them in that position in the first place.

Prioritization became a key in my change.  Prioritizing important things over comfortable things made all the difference in the world.

The 4 steps to getting rid of your crutches

1. Make time for yourself

It was mandatory that I made time in my day to work on myselfPersonal development became the foundation for my success.

Whether that’s reading and writing or working out.

That time is made so I could be the best version of myself.  This makes me better for my family and anyone else really.

This meant giving up a few things as well.

Giving up the comfortable things that really weren’t moving me in the direction I wanted to go.

These things included late nights, binge-watching television shows or getting lost in the world of social media scrolling.

The weekend bender became a thing of the past, and video games are now something I miss dearly.

If you only knew how much I love to watch movies and play video games, then you would understand how difficult it was for me to drastically limit those.

2. Wake up earlier

For me, this meant returning to my morning routine waking up at 4 am.

Waking up this early gave me at least an hour myself because my day usually starts at 5:30 am.

This time is specifically for personal development.  This is not to say that I’m running on 3 or 4 hours of sleep because I’m definitely not.

That’s because I’m going to bed earlier.  So, I get 6 or more hours of sleep a night.

3. Set goals

Goals are a must have if your life is to improve.

This can’t be stressed enough.

It must be known how important goals are and the importance of writing them down.  Make them part of your daily life and put them where you see them every single day as often as possible.

Having goals and writing them down gives you purpose.

Without purpose we have nothing.

Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning details how purpose and having a “why” gives life meaning.  If you haven’t read this book go out and get yourself a copy as soon as you can.

Having goals gives me purpose and they are written down on note cards that I look at every single day.

Some I’ve accomplished and some I’ve missed but I continue to work on them no matter what.  Having goals and viewing them every day helped me tremendously.

Evident in one of my most recent accomplishments where I ran my first marathon on my 34th birthday.

That and becoming debt free was another one of the goals that I accomplished last year.

That took some time but I made it happen.

4. Find support

You will not get through this life successfully without help.

Many will say that they are self-made but it’s doubtful that anyone is.

Somewhere along the way, somehow, help was there even if it was not seen as help.

Knowing that I needed help, acknowledging that changes needed to be made, I enlisted the help of my wife.

She’s a rockstar and I needed her support if this was going to work.

I’m not great at asking for help and I’m not sure if anyone really is, so it wasn’t easy to ask.

However, I did ask.

Pushing the ego aside I asked for her help.

She has given me 100% support of the changes and I have given her mine.  Far from perfection, but we know what we’re working for and do so as best we can.

Fast forward to the present day and life is a lot different without crutches.

It’s a hundred times better.

Days are still hectic and busy is still a word you can use to describe our home life.

The difference is it’s all surrounded by growth and happiness that I choose to make for myself.  The way I feel about myself and the direction that my life is going is something to be excited about.

Since all the necessary changes made, I’ve been promoted,  I’m back into good shape, I’m reading and writing every single day.

Our marriage has improved and I’m still getting better at this dad thing.

There are still ups and downs as there will always be, but knowing that life is headed in a good direction lets me enjoy the journey.

None of it would have been possible had I never acknowledged the responsibility was mine and taking these steps to get rid of my crutches.

Bottom Line

Let go of the crutches in your life.  Take responsibility.  Make the changes necessary to make the most of your life.


How to Win Your Morning

How to win your morning

We’ve all had days where nothing goes right for you. 

They start with a jolt from your sleep by what sounds like a siren in your ear.  You wake, utterly confused as you furiously tap away at a smart phone with squinted eyes.

All in the name of SNOOZING. 

Five minutes later, it’s déjà vu.  Repeated at the ten and fifteen minute mark.

Dragging yourself out of bed, you come to the realization that there is not much time left to get ready and get on with the day. 

So, now you’re in that familiar constant state of anxiety and urgency from the moment that you wake. 

You can’t find your keys, you spill your coffee, you forget paperwork, the kids aren’t dressed, they’re late for school, you’re late for work and all you want to do is wake up hoping its all a bad dream. 

Unfortunately it’s not. 

Sound about right?

The Solution

My life was much the same and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can free yourself from all that unnecessary stress, anxiety and dreadful rush first thing in the morning. 



wake up and win your morning

That’s all you have to do.  Win your morning and you’ll win your day.  Winning days turn into winning weeks.  Those weeks develop into winning months and viola!  A winning year will have blossomed!

How do you win your monring?

I’m glad you asked.

Wake up earlier

It sounds easy, but we all know it’s not.  Much easier said than done. 

If you don’t want to rush through your morning and have more time for yourself then you must make time. 

You do that by waking up earlier. 


The cliché saying, “you snooze, you lose” is a cliché because it’s true. 

The moment you hit your snooze button, you surrender your morning along with your day. 

You lose, plain and simple. 

5 ways to help you wake up earlier, stay up and win

1.  Put your alarm clock away from your bed. 

It should be somewhere you must get up and walk over to in order to shut it off.

2.  Have your clothes and morning items ready to go.

The last thing you want deal with first thing in the morning is rummaging through your room in the dark looking for something to wear or use.  You don’t want to wake your significant other or anyone else. 

Not having your things staged and ready to go is an open invitation to go back to bed. 

Have your clothes ready like fire fighters have their uniforms ready when they’re called to action. In a sense, you too are getting called to action.

3.  Quit checking your phone first thing in the morning. 

No social media, email, news or any of it. 

The morning is your time and you don’t want to get derailed.  Don’t surrender to your social media timeline.

4.  Wash your face and brush your teeth immediately.  Get refreshed.

5.  GO TO BED EARLIER which takes me to my next point.

Go to bed earlier

We spend too much time on mindless activities like watching television and playing video games. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love both and I’m guilty of binge watching shows all nighters on games like anyone else.   

Rethink your screen time because it should be extremely limited.  Staying up all night watching a television show, watching a movie, playing a game, this includes your phone too, is doing nothing more than sabotaging you. 

You won’t sleep well and chances are you won’t get much time to sleep because you spent it on screen time and have to be up early in the morning. 

Set up your sleep environment so that it will help you get to bed earlier. 

3 Tips that have helped me

1.  Stay away from electronics an hour before your bedtime. Use this time to wind down and prepare for bed.

2.  Leave your phone charging outside of your room.

It can stay in the restroom, kitchen, living room or anywhere else at your place.  It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t have it next to your bed. alarm clock

If it’s your alarm, then it’s time to start thinking about investing 10 bucks on an old fashion alarm clock.  Having it far away enough to make you get up and walk to it is a win if you can’t keep it out of the room.

3.  Read right before bed.

Some will argue to not read before bed, but in my case and many others, it helps in two ways: it helps me wind down to sleep comfortably and I get to learn a little bit more before sleep.  Studies out there have shown that reading before bed helps retain information taken in.

Give it a shot.  There are hundreds of ways to get to bed earlier, but these are a few that help me.

Start a morning routine

Solid morning routine will work wonders for the rest of your day. 

By morning routine I don’t mean get up, get dressed, grab the coffee and go.  

Your morning routine will set the foundation for your day.  Some people exercise first thing in their morning routine, others meditate, some stretch and various other activities to prepare them for the day. 

My morning routine consists of writing and reading. 

My exercise comes later in the day when I feel its more effective for me.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is a great resource to develop a morning routine.

Whatever you choose to incorporate into your morning routine will help in winning your morning and your day. 

Don’t wake up early and not have anything to do.  Chances are you’ll go back to bed if you don’t have a planned routine. 

Morning routines are incredibly valuable to me and they will be to you as well.  It has been one of the biggest factors in my success and personal development. 

Bottom Line

Take back your mornings and win your days. 

Wake up earlier, go to bed earlier and start a solid morning routine.

Remember that you must be consistent.  A few times a week wont help.

Build the habit and make it a lifestyle.


Hack Your Commute for Personal Development

hack you commute for personal development

Our morning commute is like Groundhog Day.

It consists of the same repetitive annoyances.

Traffic jams, bumper to bumper lines, construction detours, overcrowded buses, trains and subways.  All of which can become overwhelming, frustrating and stressful. 

Most despise this part of their day because of the factors above and can make a commute last hours. 

“What if you could hack your commute? Hack it to make it productive and possibly enjoyable.”

What if you could hack your commute? Hack it to make it productive and possibly enjoyable.  What if you made it an  opportunity to begin working on yourself, a side hustle or anything that is important to you?

You can and this is how. 

Always carry a set of earbuds on your commute

always carry earbuds

Always carry a set of earbuds or headphones. 

No matter where you go, have them with you.

Whenever you have downtime throughout the day, you can put these in and go to work.

You’re morning commute is usually the best time, especially if you use public transportation. 

You can also take advantage of a break at work, lunch time, or even doing tasks at work that do not require much focus. 

Just as a heads up, don’t do this if your place of employment restricts the use of earbuds or headphones. 

They also help because people usually don’t want to be distracted by whatever it is you’re listening to. 

Earbuds can and will become your best friend during your commute if you take advantage of this hack.   

What to listen to during your commute

As the late Zig Ziglar put it, turn your car into “automobile university”. 

In our case, turn your commute into commute university. 

There are so many things you can learn and improve on simply by taking advantage of your commute. 

Learn more on history, strengthen a relationship, a second, third, or fourth language, effective communication, and on and on. 

According to NPR, the average commute is now 26 minutes.  

Imagine what you could squeeze in with 26 extra minutes.  That’s assuming you’re commute is that short.  There was a time where my commute to and from work was over two hours a day.  

Here are the 4 things you should listen to during your commute:

1. Listen to audiobooks

If you don’t listen to audio books or podcasts, now is the perfect time to start.  

There are many platforms you can use to listen to audiobooks, but my favorite is Audible.  The amount of books and information you can consume through audiobooks is insane.  

Many will argue that it’s not really reading because you’re listening to it.  

I’ll be the first to call BS on that.  

What is the basic purpose of a book?  To convey information or stories to it’s reader.  When you listen to an audiobook, you’re still taking in the information and/or the story. 

Another great thing about audiobooks is that you can take advantage of them even when you’re not commuting.  Chores at home have become much more enjoyable ever since I discovered audiobooks. 

2. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are another great resource for information and personal development.  

There are tons of podcasts on just about every subject you can think of.  

Do you want to learn to become a real estate investor?  There is a podcast for that. 

Do you want to learn how to start blog?  There is a podcast on that.

Do you want to learn how to make money from a side hustle?  There is a podcast from that too.  

As I said, there is a podcast for just about anything you can think of.  The best ones are the ones that you can take away good information that will help you improve.  

Here are a list of some of my favorite podcast not an any specific order:

The Joe Rogan Experience – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Experience

The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferriss

The Tim Ferriss Show

The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

The school of greatness podcast

Shrugged Collective – Originally Barbell Shrugged

shrugged collective

The Smart Passive Income Podcast – Pat Flynn

smart passive income

The Side Hustle Nation Show – Nick Loper

side hustle nation

Podcasts are just like books, but with a lot more flavor.  Great for learning and improving.  

Like audiobooks, there are many platforms you can use to listen to podcasts.  Personally, I use ITunes and Pandora to listen them.  

3. Listen to anything educational

If you’ve gone through your audiobooks and every episode of your podcast (highly unlikely) or just want to take a break from them then listen to something educational.  

Learning a second language is something educational.  Guess what?  There are podcasts and audiobooks for that too.  

There is always Rosetta Stone.  I’ve never used it, but I do use Duolingo and I love that app.  They have a podcast to pair with the app that is awesome. 

4. Listen to anything motivational

This is something that I really love!  

I am a sucker for motivation!  Motivational quotes, motivational videos and especially motivational speakers.  All of it hits home with me and does exactly what they are meant to do.  They motivate me!

YouTube has tons of motivational videos that you can use during your commute.  Even if all you do is listen to it, you will get motivated.  

When I listen to these motivational speakers and motivational videos, the ideas start to flow and eventually turn into a waterfall.  I love it. 

They may do the same to you.  

Some of my favorite YouTube channels for motivation are:

Tom Bilyeu

Eric Thomas 

Be Inspired

There are great motivational speaker to listen to as well.  The first motivational speaker I listened to was Jim Rohn.  My favorite of all time.  I wish that he was still around so I could have a coffee with him.  

After listening to Jim Rohn, I went down the rabbit hole of motivational speakers and I couldn’t get enough.  

Here’s a list of some of the best motivational speakers:

Jim Rohn

Eric Thomas

Les Brown

Tony Robbins

Inky Johnson

Tom Bilyeu

Zig Ziglar

Bryan Tracy

Mel Robbins

You are in for a treat when you listen to these individuals

Never have an unproductive commute again

Every time I hop in my car, I have an audiobook or a podcast ready to go. 

Usually I’m listening to them when I drive, clean the house, mow the lawn, do laundry, walk the dog, cook, clean, etc. 

Taking advantage of my time as much as I can, I listen to them when I’m out and about on my own. 

Sometimes, I even listen to books or podcasts during some of my workouts. 

It was a little strange the first few times I did it after years of jamming out to rock and hip hop whenever I hit the gym. 

“These days I prefer to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, motivational speakers, etc., rather than music.”

However, I saw the value in taking that time to listen to something other than music and became comfortable with it. These days I prefer to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, motivational speakers, etc., rather than music.  That is something I never could have imagined just a few short years ago. 

Motivational talks and The Side Hustle Nation Show got me through my first ever marathon.  

Unless I’m actively engaging with someone, I have those earbuds in and listening to a book, podcast, something educational or motivational in an effort to improve myself. 

The last thing you want to do is put those earbuds in when your wife starts talking to you. 

Or maybe you do but trust me, it won’t be a good move for you. 

Those last two sentences were a joke of course. 

In all seriousness though, earbuds and personal development are important, but don’t become a jerk about it.

Don’t lose the music

At this point, some may be thinking I’m out of my mind thinking there is no way I’m giving up music.  

The beautiful thing is you don’t have to and you shouldn’t. 

Don’t go out and boycott music or think that is the point that I am trying to make.

Please don’t do that. 

Music is beautiful and it is a part of who I am. 

However, it won’t hurt to cut back on some of the music.  In the same way you should limit TV when you want to become much more productive, you can do the same with music during your commute. 

Throughout the week I still listen to some music. 

Sometimes when I’m working out and sometimes in the car when I need to unwind. 

So, don’t give up the music.   

Bottom line

Your commute is time that you should be taking advantage of and not dreading. 

As I mentioned before, turn that part of your day into something you look forward too. 

You’ll be amazed at the improvements you will personally make and how fast you are making them.  It is a complete game changer and there’s a chance you’ll get hooked as quickly as I did which is great.