What is up my people! Welcome to FirstNameCruz where you will find that the best investment made is in yourself!

My name is Cruz and I am The Personal Development Jefe (spanish for Boss).

I started my Personal Development journey back in 2014 when I got my hands on How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  Since then, my passion for Personal Development has only grown and I’ve been doing it like a boss ever since.

My mission is simple; CREATE VALUE to INSPIRE!

I want to be the inspiration that ignites the blaze that changes you into the person you dream of being. Through the lessons I’ve learned from diving deep into Personal Development and the lessons I’ve learned from my personal life experience, I will bring you inspiration and value from my content.

I come from humble beginnings, growing up in a house that didn’t have running water for a couple of years to a fulfilling military career which included transforming civilians into our military’s finest as a Military Training Instructor in the United State Air Force, more commonly known as a Drill Instructor.


It’s tough to find a greater feeling than knowing that you sparked a fire in someone to do great things and brought value to their lives.  I have the ultimate privilege of doing just that, day in and day out with wife and my children.

They are the source of my inspiration and I can only hope that I can be the same for them.  Every word written means to inspire and better the lives of everyone that comes across them, keeping my family in mind as I do so.

My mission is to inspire.  Inspire each and every person that visits and reads what I have to share.  And one day, should my children ever come across my work, they too can be INSPIRED to be what they dream.


The Professional Development Jefe



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