As they say, life is a journey.  Life is a journey that should be embraced and taken in with each breath of air.  Some breaths may be difficult while others become better and better.  All in all, every breath that you take, every step made, every word shared should be taken as a gift because life is not perfect, but it is a journey.

Nearly four years ago I stumbled upon the world of personal development.  It has guided me since and helped me embrace the journey of life.  It has brought me new experiences and helped me understand many of the aspects of life that were previously unknown to me.  Through personal development I have discovered a love for reading and writing.  I have made many improvements in my life which include relationships, finances and most of all, mindset.

This is what I bring to you.  Here at Firs Name Cruz I will share all that I have learned, learning and hope to learn with readers in hopes of having the same impact on you that personal development has had on me.

I’m a husband, a father, United States Air Force veteran, writer, blogger, artist, CrossFit’er, and runner

I love to help, I love to create and I love to make an impact.

I hope that you find value in my work.



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