4 Lessons I Learned From My Kids

Anyone with children will tell you that parenting is one hell of a roller coaster ride.  We try to raise our children to the best of our ability in hopes that they one day become independent, successful and happy people.  We also spend every second trying to figure out what we’re doing and hoping we’re not screwing up too bad.

Despite all our efforts trying to raise our children in what we believe is the right way and teaching them all we know, sometimes we fail to realize that there is plenty we can learn from them.

Throughout the years as I stumbled through parenting, my kids have taught me plenty.

Embrace your creativity

My son is a creator. He is creative and I believe that every single one of us are. Not at the same thing, but we are creative.

When my son is creating something, he is happy and fulfilled. He seems to be at peace during these times. We all need to find and embrace our creative sides so we too, can experience that happiness that comes from creativity.

Don’t be afraid of emotion

My oldest daughter is not afraid to show her emotions. I love that about her. She lets it show when she’s sad or hurt and doesn’t try to hide it. When she’s happy, she laughs and smiles non stop and it lifts the spirits of everyone around. And she loves with a full heart.

As we grow older, we tend to hide our feelings and not let our emotions show for fear of bad things happening if we do. The truth is we need to get back in touch with our emotions and quit trying to suppress them each time they try to surface. This may look like a long hug for a loved one that people would call awkward, crying at movie, laughing so hard you have tears even if the joke was only funny to you, whistling, humming, singing, skipping and so on.

Speak your mind

We are all familiar with the saying “kids say the craziest things”.  That’s because kids say what’s on their mind. My 4 year old daughter is no different. She speaks her mind and will make sure that you hear what she has to say.

She’ll let you know when she’s hungry, angry, when she wants something, what she wants or when when you mess up. She’ll also let you know when she’s happy, how much she loves you and how great you are. She’ll ask the questions you shouldn’t ask because it might be rude as all kids do and she’ll point and talk about things she sees that are not the norm to her.

Like my 4 year old and all other children, we should also be speaking our mind. The fear of being judged keeps many from speaking up whether it’s for something they want, something that needs to be corrected or even just to help. We can’t help and we won’t get what we want or need when we don’t speak our mind. Sometimes, your two cents matters and needs to be shared.

Enjoy the little things

My 2 year old loves life. I believe there are two reasons for this. One, she is loved and the other is the smallest things bring her joy. Peek-a-boo is one of the greatest games, messing with shoe laces can keep her busy for hours, and every picture that she sees is amazing to her.

This could be because she’s 2 and everything is new to her. But, that should be the approach that we take in life so we can enjoy all the little things that life gives us.

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