Road Trippin’ in Automobile University

The family and I just came back from a road trip to San Antonio, Texas.

I love road trips.

I have four little ones so the trips can be difficult at times, but overall, I love them.

You get that extra quality time with your family in a close environment.  You chat with your spouse, sing along with the kids, occasionally yell at them to quit fighting and you just enjoy the ride.

It’s all great, but it only last a couple of hours at best before everyone starts falling asleep or someone is hungry or needs to go pee.

Then, there are those long hours where you find yourself alone with the road.  Those times when everyone is quiet, busy doing their own thing or sleeping.

I used to dread those hours.  Pulling every trick I had to resist boredom and fatigue. Now, it’s a different story and I look forward to those hours.

While most will probably shuffle through their music to help them through the trip as I used to do. Now, I fire up my Audible to keep me company.

It’s only been a few years since I have discovered audiobooks and it has made a gigantic difference in my life.  Audible has allowed my to read three times as many books as I would normally read.  Although, it is not technically reading, I still get the information and/or entertainment I would from actually reading the book itself.  There are many apps for audiobooks, I love to use Audible though.

I do this when I’m not on road trips as well.  On the commute to and from work, a trip to the store and almost anytime I’m in the car, I’m listening to audiobooks.  I love the thought of improving myself while driving anywhere.

Zig Ziglar calls this “automobile university”.  If you’re not taking advantage of this drive time, you should try it out.  We spend an enormous amount of time in our vehicles so why not get the most out it. Learn another language, learn some more history, learn more about personal finance or anything other subject you wish to learn and know more about.

Personally, audiobooks have not completely taken over my vehicle.  Every once in a while I’ll play the music I love simply because at times, you need to roll the windows down, turn the music up and vibe.


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